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Biology is a one year course, comprised of two semesters. There will be two optional field-trips along with weekly hands on labs. Topics that will be covered:  Genetics,, cellular synthesis, protein synthesis, mitosis, anaerobic/aerobic respiration, acids and bases, Genome project, Punnett Squares, genes, traits, much much more! We also include many dissections through-out the year.

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Earth Science

This is a one year course that engages students in the scientific method. Students will be learning about: Types of heat, density, buoyancy, layers of the atmosphere, shallow marine environments, topographic maps, s int, earth floor spreading, earths interior, earthquakes,volcanoes and much much more. Each class will have a hands on lab and an optional fieldtrip.

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Life Science

Life science should be fun and hands on! We pair a powerful engaging story, to invoke questions from students. How does the cell work? We are here to help answer the why with all living things. Including learning the 6 kingdoms of life and how they are grouped, and what sets our kingdom apart from the others. Every class will have a lab and an optional fieldtrip.

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Elementary Sciences

We have to options this year for elementary.

  1. Time Travel with Science 1st-3rd
  2. Elementary Chemistry 4th-6th
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